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Intense Street Calisthenics 8: Cuba - Planks & Aqua Burpees

Here is the calisthenics training in beautiful Cuba! Exercises were done near the beach and hotel.

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Calisthenics Seniors - Intro workout

You can be fit at any age, this video is meant to motivate the seniors to keep fit and have fun with bodyweight training. Here is their introduction workout :). My mom (in zebra) and her friend (in red).

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I Don't Understand

I Don't Understand

Dear God
Help me
I don't understand
I try my best in life
To be a better man
But the drama in this world
Just wasn't your plan
You're always in our hearts
You're our biggest fan

Why is there evil?
It should only be good
If i had the power to get rid of it
i surely would

No one's perfect
But we still do bad
Suicide bombing
It's making me mad
Planes be dropping
The systems pretty sad
Throwing money for war
Forgetting about the poor
Want peace on earth?
Then what's all this for?

You're teaching kids
The answer is to fight?
Well I for one
Believe that ain't right

Its the innocent who suffer
Life's getting tougher
Things being destroyed
Quicker than a blink
The world's ending
Sooner than you think...

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