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The Guiding Compass

The Guiding Compass

I'm trapped in the darkness
Avoiding fear
I reach for my compass
The direction it leads
My fulfillment of needs
As I hope to see
The better tomorrow
Instead of being trapped
In the room of sorrow
Then the feeling of loneliness
Circles around me
Like the darkness
Unable to see

Without any light
Not even a candle
All this pressure
Is too much to handle
But there ahead
Lies a different room
Its presence
Doesn't make one feel gloom
As I approached it
The routes became more clearer
More colorful & vivid
As I went nearer
Leading to newer paths
like tree graphs
Possibility the exit of this darkness perhaps?
Slightly delirious
Fighting temptation
At last I reach
My destination.

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Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction

It's a curse
Laws of attraction
In the universe
What's worse?
The forces of energy
With one's mind
Rotten egg
Spreads around
Like a plague
Now in desperation
Where the answers lie?
Which direction?
It's your perception
Your choice
Your decision
Your voice
Let positivity emerge
Accelerated surge
Speed of light
Future's looking bright
Now you know the secret
For life's cure
So what do you prefer? ...

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In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

So... I'm a poet
Now you know it
Don't believe me?
Allow me to show it
Like a river
I constantly flow it
My words
Can hit hard like Bulls
I ...
Play darts with words
And hit the Bull's Eye
I keep it clean
Never limited
Decisions ...
With the Right Angle
Like a boss
In a V-neck
Here's a reality check
Attention! ...
I'm on a mission
Always learning
Always turning
New directions
No stress
On the road
No under a rock living
But remained encased
That ends
Show and tell
I'm a poet,
In a nutshell.

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Master your faults

On your mark
Get set
I'm ready to wreck
Up this place
Masked removed
New face
Energy high
Ready to fly
On your way
To the gym
What's the plan today?
Upper body or Lower?
High intensity?
Or take it slower?
Do what you gotta do
And master your faults
Then in the end
You'll get great results

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